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hi! this blog rocks!! can you tell me from what video is "who is the worst dress sense in the entire team?" ? and one more : It's true that Rosicky has te worst dress sense?haha poor Tommy!

hi sweet anon! it’s from here

footballers have questionable fashion choices so they are not compatible to judge dress sense but





❝ It is good for a Muslim here. I enjoy London. Before I came, I spoke to Luka Modric [Real’s ex-Spur] and he said: ‘London! What a great city, it’s unique, beautiful, a place you have to experience.’ I thought to myself: ’ Hold on, it can’t be so beautiful if people drive on the left!’ But it is beautiful. I look around and see the many cultures living here. I’ve met lots of people in London. In Madrid it was not really like that. I lived there for three years and didn’t get to know many people. Now I understand what Modric meant when he talked about life in London being unique. Whenever I come back here, I feel I’ve arrived back home. I feel comfortable here. ❞

- Mesut Ozil on life in London (x)


Gunnersaurus does the Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

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aw thank you ♥